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Government Of Assam Bongaigaon District

Office of the Superintendent of Handloom & Textiles, North Salmara, Abhayapuri

  • About the Department:

    Mandate of the Department:

    * To identify actual Handloom weavers

    * Economic upliftment of weavers through weaving 

    * Stress given for quality production of Handloom clothes & increasing quantity by using modern  Machineries.

    Superintendent: DDO and Supervise all officials works.
    Inspector (Circle): Working for implementation of various schemes and preparing progress report.
    Inspector, W.E.S.U: Supervision of implementation of various Departmental Schemes.
    Sr. /Jr. Inspector/: Doing works of various BKSS Ltd., Audit works and preparing Auditor(Coop)     Balance sheets.
    Instructor, HTC: Imparting  training  to selected trainees.
    Demonstrator(Circle): Doing field Duty on various schemes, technical guidance to weavers. Circle wise.
    Demonstrator,HTC: Imparts training to selected trainees on Handloom.
    Sr. /Jr. Asstt.: Performing Clerical works in Office.

    Important Schemes under Implementation

    Sl. No

    Name of Schemes




    Income generation intervention to Handloom weavers for the year 2019-20

    98 Beneficiaries

    98 Beneficiaries


    Economic upliftment of weavers through Handloom weaving for the year 2018-19

    2 SHGs (10 beneficiaries each)

    Under process


    Economic upliftment of weavers through Handloom weaving for the year 2019-20

    4 SHGs (10 beneficiaries each)

    Under process


    Yarn Passbook for 30% rebate

    --  --

    1170 Passbook issued till date.


    Contact Information:

    Rajeeb Narayan Das, Superintendent,

    Contact:  9864478725, rajeebdas12@gamil.com

    Abdul Halim, Inspector,

    Contact:  9859061990, ah586399@gamil.com

    Abul Kalam Azad, Inspector(c),

    Contact: 9957957158, kalam8402874016@gamil.com