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Government Of Assam Bongaigaon District


Project Zazabor

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District Administration, Bongaigaon has launched Project Zazabor to develop eco-tourism sites in the district. The objective of the project is to promote development activities and conservation of nature at the same time by tapping the hidden potential and leveraging the natural beauty.

Nakkati Hills is the first location identified under the project. The cliff of Nakkati peak resembles the McAfee peak in USA and the site is already very popular among the tourists and hikers. An eco-tourism camp site will begin at the Nakkati Hills base camp from 15th February, 2021. The camp site will provide facilities of overnight stay, nightsky watching, local cuisine, cultural night and village tour. An Assam type house made from bamboo will also be constructed to provide a glimpse of local way of life to the tourists.

Preparations for the camp site are already underway. An approach road and a bridge to the base camp is being constructed under Assam Darshan scheme. A new wooden entry gate, toilet facilities, dustbins etc. for the visitors are also coming up. In addition special efforts are being undertaken by District Forest Office along with the local to clear the trekking route of waste, plastics etc. Officials from Geological Survey of India were also invited to visit the location to study its geological significance.

A committee comprising of local villagers under Joint Forest Management Committee rules is being formed to manage day to day operations at the camp site. This will provide an additional source of income and gainful employment to local villagers. The committee will ensure that damage to environment is minimized by strictly regulating plastics, bottles and other wastes.

In the time to come, more eco-tourism sites will be developed in the district to create a eco-tourism circuit in Bongaigaon under Project Zazabor the planning for which is already underway.